Trending Products Changing The Face Of The Beauty Industry In 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reverse some of your biggest beauty woes without booking an expensive, not to mention invasive, in-office treatment?

Navigating the world of skin care devices is tough. You can't exactly take skin care tools for a test run at Sephora the way you would a lipstick. And then, of course, there's the cost to factor in. (Do you really need to drop $300 on a wand to supercharge your face serums? Eh, probably not.) But every so often a shiny new piece of technology shows up that does for skin care what the first iPod did for MP3s—it changes the game. 

Obviously, the stakes are higher when it comes to your face (nobody ever broke out from dropping $50 on a Zune), so over the course of the past year, we rounded up every innovative, raved-about skin care tool we could find and asked Pink Eden staffers and a handful of skin care professionals to answer the ultimate question: Is this thing worth it? For the devices below, the answer was a resounding yes. Read on for the skin care tools that'll truly change your complexion. 

5 in 1 LED Skin Tightening


5 in 1 LED Skin Tightening Device is a new skin care device that uses radio-frequency waves and light photon energy to promote muscle stimulation within the skin to create visible radiance and youthful-looking skin. It promotes skin rejuvenation of collagen and hyaluronic acid by conducting muscle stimulation, mesoporation and electroporation.

Blackhead Remover Device

Blackheads are agonizingly visible. They scatter your T-zone and have a habit of coming back no matter how much you exfoliate, steam or extract. This rechargeable microdermabrasion tool suctions of dead, dull skin cells, removes dirt and debris and literally sucks out blackheads like a vacuum!

Skin Tag And Mole Remover

This device is the newest generation of nano-needle product. Needles directly work on the freckle spot skin and it will produce a plasma with high temperature immediately. 

The microvascular will be solidified quickly without bleeding. Then it will form carbon scabs, protecting the skin from infection. After a short while, the scab will shed leaving the treated area spotless and smooth.